Press Releases 2003

  • 21.11.2003  e*Message Launches Alerting Pilot Project in Lower Saxony

    The Digital Wireless Working Group of Lower Saxony (Arbeitsgruppe Digitalfunk Niedersachsen, AGDiNi) and e*Message have launched a pilot project: starting November 1, 2003, firefighting and rescue teams in the Osnabrück district will be alerted via e*Message’s infrastructure. The pilot project will demonstrate the advantages of the e*Message solution under real-life conditions. The emergency services will test the pagers over three months—even in basements, underground car-parks and other isolated locations.
  • 26.09.2003  On the Ball, Round the Clock

    On the Ball, Round the Clock goes mobile: As of October, 2003, the Hamburg-based sports website sends news bulletins, club programmes, league rankings and international news directly to e*Skyper pagers. Branded devices are available from
  • 25.08.2003  New Service for Private Investors

    e*Broker Flexx, a new product by e*Broker GmbH, will be launched on October 1. The financial service is tailored to the needs of mobile private investors who want to exploit market opportunities while minimizing risks. The powerful main programme can be expanded with supplementary modules.
  • 16.04.2003  Television Viewers Become News Readers

    The television channel n-tv launches another mobile service: the n tv pager, based on e*Message’s e*Skyper service. The new pager offers more than 80 programmes with a wide range of constantly updated news. Both the pager and the service can be exclusively booked on n tv’s site.
  • 20.03.2003  Cooperation Between T-Systems and e*Message

    Frankfurt am Main, March 20, 2003. Paging is a reliable, low-cost solution for alerting police, fire and rescue services. T-Systems and paging specialist e*Message plan to intensify their cooperation in view of the upcoming digital radio network TETRA, to be developed for German security agencies and organizations (Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben, or BOS).
  • 04.03.2003  Paging is Essential!

    The budget for the future digital radio network for Germany’s civil defence agencies (Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben, or BOS) is to be adopted on March 15, said Erwin Schmalkoke of the German Ministry of the Interior during the 2003 Paging Conference held recently in Berlin. At the event, more than 100 participants from Germany and abroad discussed possible ways to alert firefighters and emergency services.

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