Press Releases 2004

  • 07.12.2004  Digital Network for Rescue Services

    Digital Network for Rescue Services
    Development of the nationwide digital radio network for German civil defence agencies has begun in the Osnabrück district, where professional firefighters and rescue workers are now being alerted over the e*BOS network operated by e*Message. Alerting messages are sent over a frequency reserved exclusively for civil defence agencies, in keeping with last summer’s decision by the German Telecommunications Authority (RegTP). The frequency is reserved throughout the country, and was chosen in coordination with neighbouring countries.
  • 10.09.2004  e*Message Alerts Firefighters in Marseilles and the Moselle Department

    e*Message Alerts Firefighters in Marseilles and the Moselle Department
    The local authorities in the Department of Moselle recently renewed a contract with e*Message France, and nearly doubled the number of firefighters connected to the alerting system. In Germany, e*BOS – an alerting network exclusively used by security agencies and emergency organisations – is already available.
  • 05.08.2004  Non-stop Sports – Three Months Long

    On the occasion of the 2004 UEFA European Football Championship in Portugal, e*Skyper and Sportal announce the Summer Sports Pager. The new pager provides 24-hour news on all the summer's major sports events, the UEFA Euro, the Tour de France, and the Olympic Games. The news is available at the push of a button, at an incredibly affordable flat rate, with a short-term subscription.
  • 03.07.2004  Dynamo Dresden Revs Up: A Fan Pager in Every Pocket

    Germany’s first fan pager has been launched in time for the beginning of the German football championship. The e*Skyper device sports the logo of Dynamo Dresden – who have just entered the second Bundesliga division – and provides exclusive news on the club’s life, updated daily.
  • 12.04.2004  European “Professional Alerting of Population” Initiative

    European “Professional Alerting of Population” Initiative
    Hanover, March 19. The European paging operators and two industry associations today announced the formation of a task force aimed at the large-scale implementation of a highly effective population alerting programme to prevent and minimize human casualties and material damage in case of public emergencies.
  • 19.02.2004  Toll Collect Chose the Wrong Technology

    Manfred Stolpe, German Minister of Transport, has announced that negotiations with Toll Collect have been stopped. e*Message, the leading European data broadcast provider, released the following statement on this event.
  • 28.01.2004  No Alert? No Firefighters!

    No Alert? No Firefighters!
    The second National Paging Conference, held in Berlin on January 26, 2004, focused on alerting procedures for the 1.4 million German firefighters and rescue workers, most of whom are volunteers. Analog networks are still widely used for alerting, and the planned digital BOS network does not meet all the requirements of the fire and rescue services. Twelve speakers from Germany and abroad presented possible consequences and alternative solutions to more than 150 participants during the conference.

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