Press Releases 2008

  • 10.12.2008  Warning Module Replaces the Conventional Siren

    Warning Module Replaces the Conventional Siren
    Valabre, December 1, 2008. At a conference jointly organized by the European Commission and the PSC Europe Forum in Valabre, France, e*Message premiered its new public-warning module. Called the e*WM (for e*Warnmodul), the new module can be integrated in all kinds of user devices to make them personal sirens that work anywhere, any time.
  • 25.09.2008  e*Broker Now Features LME Steel

    e*Broker Now Features LME Steel
    Now users of the e*Broker Maxx premium pager can order the LME Steel module to complement the nearly 800 stock-exchange tools that the service already provides. The new module was created in response to the exponential increase in steel prices on the world market. e*Broker provides share and commodity prices over a pager network and is tailored to the needs of brokers, businesspeople and private investors.
  • 22.05.2008  A Top-Flight Experience

    A Top-Flight Experience
    e*Dispatch Professional Mobile Radio GmbH will supply a trouble-free mobile communication solution during Berlin’s International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA), which opens May 27, 2008, on the south part of Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport. This year the ILA—one of the world’s largest aerospace trade fairs—welcomes one thousand exhibitors from forty different countries, and awaits hundreds of thousands of visitors.
  • 12.03.2008  Electricity Rate Display for End Users

    Electricity Rate Display for End Users
    As a part of its climate protection policy, the German government supports the development of intelligent systems to measure energy consumption. In collaboration with IBM, the energy supplier EnBW has developed one such system that not only measures consumption, but also keeps the user informed of the current electricity price. Thanks to a little device, private users will be able to adapt their consumption to the current rate – a revolution in power points, made possible by up-to-the-minute data transmitted over e*Message’s paging network.

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