Successful pilot project: secure transmission of control signals in Berlin power grid with e*Message


Berlin, 20th October 2015: The pilot project introducing the remote control solution e*Nergy to the Berlin energy grid has been successful. Jointly developed by the Berlin mobile network operator e*Message Wireless Information Services Deutschland GmbH, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH and Stromnetz Berlin, the M2M solution has ensured that control signals are transmitted securely in one part of the capital’s power grid since September 2014. The solution is in the process of being rolled out to the whole Berlin power grid since August 2015 and is arousing interest throughout Germany.

The energy transition and its realistic implementation are presenting the energy industry with an enormous challenge. Energy providers must operate decentralised power consumption and generation applications remotely, in order to guarantee the stability of the power grid. In September, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH put the new Britz (Neukölln) substation in operation as part of the pilot project to introduce the remote control solution e*Nergy. The aim was to first improve the quality of supply to around 26,000 domestic and commercial customers in the Britz district. “The pilot project has achieved all the goals and met our demands fully,” confirms Thomas Röstel, Head of Asset Strategy at Stromnetz Berlin. “We have now been implementing e*Nergy as a standard control solution throughout the city since August 2015."

“e*Nergy is a building block for the new smart power grids. The remote control solution is reliable, tamper-proof and efficient,” says Dr Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of Berlin mobile network operator e*Message W.I.S. Deutschland GmbH. Together with Berlin project partner Bosch Software Innovations GmbH and Stromnetz Berlin, e*Message has developed the solution specifically for remote controlling consumption and generation facilities in modern energy plants. e*Nergy is based on Europe's largest security radio network which is maintained by e*Message: a satellite-based radio network with around 800 transmitting stations throughout Germany which is independent from public networks. This radio network serves as a quick mobile notification system for service, emergency and support units throughout Germany.

e*Nergy is a pioneer in the field of radio-based control technology and reliably reaches all Berlin households due to its powerful transmitting infrastructure. Asset groups can be controlled and turned on or off with e*Nergy and individual elements can be regulated incrementally. Requirements which energy suppliers and distribution system operators throughout Germany will have to deal with on the path to smart power grids and ultimately the “Smart City”.

It is the hybrid approach which makes e*Nergy so efficient and flexible: the remote control solution can be installed on its own or as an integral part of the new smart meter gateway. This hybrid technology approach conforms to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)’s current draft bill which permits a variety of communication pathways and solutions specifically to increase the capacity and reliability of smart power grids. e*Nergy advantages: The system is already available and ready to operate.

“e*Nergy has reliably provided the efficient remote control of EEG facilities, heat pumps, night storage heaters and non-public street lights in one part of Berlin for a year now,” says Dr Dietmar Gollnick. This is arousing interest throughout the country. “We are already conducting promising negotiations with distribution system operators throughout Germany.”

e*Nergy’s future potential has also been awarded: in December 2014, e*Message was awarded the Berlin Brandenburg innovation award for developing the control solution.

About e*Message:

The e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH (e*Message Europe) operates Europe’s largest security radio network. As one of four mobile network operators on the German market, e*Message maintains a satellite-based radio network with around 800 transmitting stations throughout Germany which is independent from public networks. e*Message provides specialised messaging services focusing on security, mobile organisation solutions and integrated solutions. This allows individuals and groups (e.g. doctors, authorities, fire services, winter maintenance services, service personnel) to be notified, warned and alerted reliably, quickly and accurately via digital devices. Established in December 1999, e*Message took over both the Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom’s paging services in 2000 and has been developing them continuously. The corporate group’s operating centres are located in Berlin and Paris. (

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