January 2004 - Population Alerting Using e*Message's Network

The German Federal Civil Defence Office now sends alerting messages to the population using e*Message's network. The infrastructure required for connection to the federal satellite network is operational.

March 2004 - European Civil Defence Initiative

e*Message organizes a press conference at CeBIT 2004 to inform the public of a new European civil defence initiative known as "Professional Alerting of Population". The programme is sponsored by German, French and British paging operators, the Wireless Messaging Association (WMA), and the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA).

April 2004 - 2004 Industry Award


On the occasion of the yearly conference of the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA), held in Nice, France, on April 1, e*Message and the Wireless Messaging Association (WMA) are awarded the 2004 Industry Award for their commitment to population alerting using paging technology. EMMA has 45 members in 26 countries.


August 2004 - Exclusive Civil Defense Frequency for e*Message

The post office and telecommunication steering committee (RegTP) allocates e*Message a selected frequency response exclusively used by civil defense agencies and organisations.

September 2004 - e*Message Alerts Firefighters in France

The local authorities in the Moselle department renewed a contract with e*Message France, and almost doubled the number of firefighters connected to the alerting system. The e*Message solution exempts the local authorities from investing in the expensive enlargement of the fire fighters’ internal network, which was not entirely developed due to budget constraints. Moreover, the e*Message network permits direct alerting of all firefighter, and alerting of firefighters in locations not covered by the internal network. In May 2004, Marseilles also chose the e*Message pagers because they are able to alert firefighters even in remote locations. Other departments, including Pas-de-Calais, Nord and Gironde, also use e*Message pagers.

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