June 2006 - Professional Wireless Successful at the Fan Mile

e*Message provided smooth communication among many rescue workers during the 2006 FIFA World Cup tournament in Germany. Berlin''s local railway and the security service of the Berlin Fan Mile at the Brandenburg Gate communicated via the e*Message group''s voice radio service, DispatchFunk Berlin. The powerful professional wireless service assured congestion-proof communication. Other World Cup locations, such as Frankfurt am Main and the Bavaria used e*Cityruf to coordinate services. Gelsenkirchen, another World Cup host city, used the non-public e*BOS civil defense network.

July 2006 - e*BOS Alerting in Schleswig-Flensburg

Schleswig-Flensburg, one of the biggest counties in Germany, decides in favour of the e*BOS alerting network by e*Message. The 203 firefighters and 7,000 rescue workers will now be alerted not only by analog, but also by the digital e*BOS civil defense network.

September 2006 - Federal Network Agency Assigns Frequencies for Trunked Radio

The Federal Network Agency has assigned e*Message frequencies for public trunked radio in Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg. The recently built network is run by the subsidiary DispatchFunk Berlin. After successful pilot operation, DispatchFunk Berlin is integrated into the e*Message group of companies as e*Dispatch. Among the users of the e*Dispatch service are Berlin's local S-Bahn railway. Moreover, traffic lights in Berlin and Potsdam are also controlled via e*Dispatch.

November 2006 - Incoming Truckers Guided by e*Cityruf in the Port of Hamburg

Incoming Truckers Guided by e*Cityruf in the Port of Hamburg

The produce and refrigeration centre of the Port of Hamburg uses e*Cityruf as a guidance system for arriving lorries. In this way the German market leader solves not only a pressing logistical problem, but also saves time, labour and costs. The transition to the e*Cityruf paging service offers better control over incoming trucks.


December 2006 - Electricity Blackout: e*Message Networks Unaffected

e*Message's and French paging networks operated flawlessly throughout the total electricity blackout in Western Europe and the North Africa on 4th November 2006. Specialists especially recommend satellite-based communication solutions in view of such major incidents.

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