March 2007 - World’s First at CeBIT 2007

World’s First at CeBIT 2007

A completely new generation of weather stations was presented at CeBIT 2007 in Hanover. The new weather station revolutionises home weather forecasting. Four times a day, end customers get their forecasts free directly on the satellite-based radio weather station. e*Message distributes the forecasts over its nationwide radio paging network. Thus the e*Motion platform makes its entry in the consumer electronics market.


June 2007 - e*Motion Goes European

First presented at CeBIT, the new generation of dynamic radio weather stations proves a bestseller. In Germany alone, a hundred thousand weather stations are sold before the Christmas season. The reason: For the first time, weather stations provide forecasts for 50 regions throughout Germany. They therefore give more precise forecasts than previous models. After the great success in Germany, this innovation will be launched in France as well. Then e*Motion, the non-exclusive mobile transmission platform powered by e*Message, will supply nearly 140 million inhabitants, from Brest on the Atlantic coast to Frankfurt on the Oder River.

October 2007 - Award for Innovation

The European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA) has granted its 2007 award for innovation to the European e*Message group in recognition of the revolutionary product recently launched by the company on the weather station market. The new generation of weather stations receives data via satellite, expanding pager technology into a new area of application.

December 2007 - e*Cityruf Pagers Summon Patients to Physicians “Just in Time”

The Bayreuth MedCenter, Bavaria’s largest medical centre, now saves its patients’ time by notifying them via e*Cityruf pagers. The management decided to provide a pager to each patient waiting for a consultation. Patients can then choose to wait at the MedCenter, or to visit the city and come back later if their physician is delayed. The e*Cityruf pager delivers an acoustic message, eliminating the need for patients to sit in the waiting room.

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