February 2008 - 6th National Paging Congress in Berlin

Attracting over 200 participants, the 6th National Paging Congress held in Berlin was a resounding success. Thirteen contributors from four different countries talked about a variety of topics: solutions for warning problems; compatibility with the future digital radio network for voice and data transmission; integration of paging functions into the TETRA network; consequences of regionalising the alerting command posts; effective warning measures in the event of a disaster; consequences of extreme weather situations and climate changes for firefighters and civil defence agencies. In addition to the current situation in Germany, solutions from Belgium, Great Britain and Ireland were also presented.

March 2008 - Electricity Rate Display Receives Current Data Over Paging Network

e*Message presents a “revolution in power points” at CeBIT 2008, the world's largest IT fair. As a part of its climate protection policy, the German government supports the development of intelligent systems to measure the consumption of electricity. In collaboration with IBM, the energy supplier EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG has developed one such system that keeps the user abreast of the current electricity prices. The little device is to help consumers save electricity and money. Its three-inch LCD screen shows the electricity rate for the current hour and a preview for the next twelve to thirty-six hours. Plugged into a power point, the device receives constantly updated data via e*Message’s paging network – all thanks to a paging chip. The price data is available at all times and colour-coded.

December 2008 - Warning Module Replaces the Conventional Siren

Warning Module Replaces the Conventional Siren

At a conference jointly organized by the European Commission and the PSC Europe Forum in Valabre, France, in early December 2008, e*Message premiered its new public-warning module. The new module, called the e*WM (e*Warnmodul), can be integrated in all kinds of user devices to make them personal sirens that function anywhere, 24 hours a day.


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